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The Elbphilharmonie - Hamburg's most famous landmark

The historic Kaispeicher A warehouse forms the base above which the crystalline, curved new building rises. Europe's longest escalator, the “Tube", leads from the main entrance to the 6th floor of the Kaispeicher. Arrived here, the most beautiful window to the Elbe awaits you: A huge panorama window opens the wonderful view over the landing bridges and the harbor. The entrance to the restaurant Störtebeker is also on this level. 

The so-called Plaza is located on the 8th floor between Kaispeicher and glass superstructure. At a height of 37 meters, the visitor is offered a circular path on the outer edge of the building, which offers a unique view of the city and the harbor from all sides. The central platform also houses the stairways to the concert halls, the hotel lobby, the Elbphilharmonie Shop and the Deck & Deli.

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